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When your name comes to mind, I immediately think, strong lead male. There are times where you go, wow, I’m getting offered these great lead parts.But looking over your resume, I was struck by the amount of supporting performances you’ve turned in over the years. And there are often times I find where some of the better work is in supporting roles, not just the roles but the movies themselves. Edgar,” Leonardo was obviously already attached, but that was a personal moment for me because my grandmother was one of the first female pilots in the United States and she’s always been fascinated by Charles Lindbergh. Each time it’s whether it’s a journey I can relate to. Yes, there are great leading men, but one of the problems with that is that it’s easy to get pigeonholed once you’re a leading man.And I think networks are getting their asses kicked because of it.I think the reason why all those shows I mentioned are from cable or pay cable networks is because they are capable of being more fearless, more character driven, more writing driven.The original conversations I had had with the people creating it was that the show was like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” this really extraordinary television that is happening right now.Television is obviously having not just a renaissance, but it is one of the best things happening, particularly in terms of drama. So the very best writing in happening in television these days.

No matter what Juliette Lewis myself, or any of the actors, creatively did, it did not matter.

The story there is if you click on pay-per-view these days, there will be 50 or 60 films that you’ve never heard of, some of which star friends of mine, major incredible actors. I think what’s happening is that it’s kind of similar in that way. It’s generating not just press, but there’s media support underneath it.

I’ve had a number of movies that have been some of the of the best movies that I’ve ever done, that are literally sitting on a shelf.

Not only do I not have a problem with that, I think it’s in a way a great thing.

My favorite actors are usually ‘character actors.’ Chris Cooper’s one of them.

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