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Reasons for this include: The hard part was figuring out the mechanics of all of this.We don’t want to just start plopping labels into Security & Compliance willy-nilly, for – as noted above – their reach and scope can be quite wide.First we make sure we’re dealing with the right label(s).Next, we decide where we want top publish the label. In a smaller organization, that might make perfect sense.In a larger organization, you may want to publish to very specific places, and the capabilities here should have you covered.When we publish the label, we’re actually creating a new label , and we have to give it a name and optionally, a description. Note the important message at the top of the screen: It will take up to 1 day for labels to appear to your users.Their utilitarian nature belied the almost magical capability we were getting in that the forms adapted immediately to any changes to the list structure and settings.We’ve had that capability for so long now that many people have lost site of how cool that actually is.

This was my fault – when I decided to use the function, I didn’t change JSON.stringify to Json. Ideally, we’d have a great Information Architecture in place using the Content Type Hub, but usually we don’t have the luxury for that across a large organization – the discussions run on far longer than the requirement dictates we act. Plus, the Content Type Hub is way long in the tooth and really isn’t an effective tool in the “modern” era.The big story here is using Power Apps for Share Point list forms.They have been teasing us with this one for a while now, and the screenshots (like the one above – maps always get people excited! The out of the box forms for lists (and libraries) have never been all that sexy.Based on the settings we see above, it’s not “searchable”, but read on…You have to have access to the Security & Compliance center for this, which is in the Admin center.

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