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They also have an 80's flair and percussion sounds similar to that of Phil Collins.

The music really is the strong point of these tracks though; the lyrics feel like they take the back seat when it comes to importance as they sound like every other song on adult contemporary radio.

The album also features classic Tomlin sounding tracks like, "I Lift My Hands," "No Chains On Me" and "Lovely." As stated earlier, this will either be the best part or the worst part depending on the listener.

Ending the album is another previously released track, "Awakening." This actually concludes Tomlin's latest offering beautifully as the passion in the writing, and even in the production, is very evident.

He's one of the core artists of Louie Giglio's Passion conferences and the writer of numerous well-known praise anthems, and his songs hold a major influence in both radio singles and Sunday morning set lists.Most of the songs fit Tomlin's established praise ballad formula, but there are a couple of tracks that experiment with a pop-oriented sound, and one in particular that stands out from the rest."I Will Follow" is a surprising tune with its strong piano-based rhythm and catchy chorus.Earlier this year, he debuted some new music on the For better or worse, these new songs are just what listeners familiar with his style would expect: a set of emotional, mid-tempo ballads, with a few upbeat tracks mixed in.It's a challenge to translate the emotion and experience of corporate worship music into a studio album, as shown in the opener, "Our God." This familiar radio single is a thundering anthem that's powerful in its live form, and the new studio version doesn't deviate from the original too much, except for a more produced sound and the addition of some heavy strings.

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Standing alone on a disc, canned in a studio, what could be powerful and emotional feels like the same arrangements and spiritual, yet distant lyrics that deliver the same messages without reflecting the author's personality or depth. There's something admirable about Chris Tomlin's ability to pen so many new songs to move congregations, and no doubt more than a few of these will find themselves rising to the ceilings of mega-churches before long.

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